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Travel to Münster with Stena Line

Travelling to Münster by ferry

Welcome to charming Münster

From its charmingly picturesque old quarter to the altogether more modern annual Euro City Fest, Münster, the capital of Westphalia, offers dozens of attractions into which travelers can dive head first.

With Stena Line, you can explore Münster easily by road or rail when you take the ferry from Harwich to Hook of Holland. The perfect way to get your holiday started.

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How to get to Münster

You can drive to Münster with ease when you choose to travel to Europe with Stena Line. Simply drive straight onto the ferry in Harwich, and drive off when it reaches Hook of Holland. From here, it takes around three hours to drive to Münster.

Or you can take the train to Münster via Rotterdam, which journeys through Holland and across to Germany, letting you explore your surroundings while you travel in comfort.

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Gardens, Museums and theatres to visit

Münster is home to over 35 museums, including the Westphalian Museum of Natural History, the Pablo Picasso Graphics Museum and the Villa ten Hompel, a memorial site for police crimes committed during the Nazi era.

What's more, Münster's new harbour development, Kreativkai, is home to a range of cultural attractions including theatres and exhibitions.

And if you'd like to take some time out to explore Munster’s green surroundings, the Botanical Garden is a wonderful place to relax in the middle of the city, while Münster’s Promenade provides a green circle around the old town.

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Historic attractions

Start your tour of historic Münster in the stunning Prinzipalmarkt square, home since the 13th century to merchant's houses with gabled fronts and arched walkways. From there, explore the Erbdrostenhof Palace, which promises to delight with its marveled baroque façade, while Münster's old town is home to a range of souvenir shops and specialist boutiques.