Discover Europe by car for less

Discover the difference when you sail from Ireland with Stena Line: great value, ultimate flexibility and ease with a choice of routes to France and Holland, no baggage restrictions and the comfort of using your own car.


With our Landbridge fares from only £163^ single, car + driver, you can visit Britain and choose different outward and return routes, you could even combine a Landbridge fare with our direct route between Rosslare and Cherbourg from £215.

  • Holland background panoramic banner with tulips and green windmill in traditional village
    Europe by car
    Holland with DFDS
    via Newcastle - Amsterdam
  • Mont Saint-Michel at sunset twilight in Normandy, northern France
    Europe by car
    France with Eurotunnel
    via Folkestone - Calais
  • Panoramic view of Colmar Town, Alsace region, France
    Europe by car
    France with DFDS
    via Dover - Calais or Dover - Dunkirk

How to book

Call: 03443 350019

Landbridge versus Flydrive

Stena Line Landbridge


☑ Low £100 deposit secures your holiday*

☑ Your holiday begins the moment you step onboard

☑ No car parking charges

☑ Take everything you need

☑ Relax in the comfort of your own car

☑ Discover more of Britain on the way

☑ Bring your pets

☑ More flexible choice of daily dailings

☑ Bring more presents home



☒ Typically full payment at time of booking

☒ Limited facilities, space and entertainment and no room to move around

☒ Expense of airport car parking

☒ Beware of baggage restrictions

☒ Car hire hassle

☒ No flexibility for discovery

☒ Not an easy option by air

☒ Usually fixed flight times

☒ Watch out for excess charges

Pay a £100 deposit to secure your booking and then you don’t have to pay in full until 4 weeks before you are due to travel.


Subject to availability. Terms and conditions apply.


'Economy' fare conditions apply to Landbridge bookings. Click here for fare details and here for amendment fee details.


Telephone number charged at local call rate.

Europe by car is a combination of two sea crossings and a leisurely drive through Britain in between which is part of your holiday and ideal for taking in attractions or visiting friends and family enroute. The base price is a single fare for a car or other vehicle plus driver and then additional passengers where the single fare is a combination of two sea crossings, one on the Irish Sea and then another on a sea crossing from Britain to France or Holland.


You can mix and match your travel with different carriers. Sail out from Dover to Calais with DFDS and return via Calais to Folkestone with Eurotunnel, or other routes allowing you to travel on different vessels and explore even more of Europe!

Yes, there are a number of toll roads in the UK; most of which are river crossings. The ones you are most likely to come across are:


  • M6 Toll – West Midlands and around Birmingham (optional if you stay on the M6)
  • A41/A59 - Mersey Tunnels
  • M25 – Dartford River Crossing

Yes, all Autoroutes (except for short sections through some cities and areas) are toll roads (’Peage‘): take a ticket when you enter, pay when you exit (cash or Mastercard/Visa card).


The rate of toll varies and depends on how old (cheaper) or how new (dearer) the Autoroute is. For further information click here

As the list is subject to change please see the following links for the latest information:





Other countries

Yes, Pets are part of the family and are treated just the same as we would treat any other passenger.


N.B. IMPORTANT Make sure that you advise us at the time of booking that you are travelling with a pet.


For further details see the UK Government website if using Landbridge or the Irish Government website if going Rosslare – Cherbourg

Yes, a passport is required for all passengers (including children and infants), valid at least 6 months beyond the date of return for all trips to Mainland Europe.


You will not be permitted to travel on our routes to Mainland Europe (including our Harwich-Hook of Holland and Rosslare-Cherbourg routes) without a valid passport.

Yes, for tourist information, please click on the links below:


Country  Link



For visa requirements and information (for non-EU and British Citizens), please visit

The speed limit on motorways is generally 110, 120 or 130 km/h and the limit in built-up areas is 50 or 60 km/h. Keep an eye on the signs to make sure of the exact limits and any special conditions that apply. 


Below is a table giving general maximum speed limits for cars. In some countries limits are reduced in bad weather conditions or for newly qualified drivers.



It is an offence to carry more passengers in a vehicle than it is constructed to seat.  Many countries do not permit children to travel as frontseat passengers, or only allow them to do so when using a restraint system appropriate to age and/or height. 


NEVER use a rear–facing child restraint system in a front seat where the vehicle is fitted with a passenger airbag.

For the latest information and directions, please click on: or, select the travel section, then select route planner, choosing Europe, fill in the relevant information and both sites will give you the directions, mileage, driving time with the road numbers.

We strongly recommend that all passengers travelling to the continent are in possession of a valid European or Global Health Insurance card and personal travel insurance to give you peace of mind, knowing that you are covered in the event of something happening.

Yes, unleaded petrol is available at petrol stations across Europe and varies in price from country to country.

Yes, payment for fuel at petrol stations across Europe can be made using most major credit cards.

Service areas are infrequent (about every 50km) they are large with every imaginable service. Mastercard/Visa are accepted. All day, every day, even on bank holidays such as Christmas and New Year. 


By law, Motorway Services areas have to offer food, parking and toilets 24 hours a day, with no closures at all.

  • The M25 (London Orbital) is frequently slow on its southern sector.  
  • The M40 to London via Birmingham – Oxford has taken some of the pressure off the M1 between Birmingham and London.

Vehicles should check-in at least:


  • 60 minutes before departure


Anyone arriving at check-in after the above times may be refused permission to embark. Please note that passengers who require assistance should check-in at least 75 minutes before your scheduled departure.