Our Sustainable Journey

At Stena Line, our aim is to reduce our ecological footprint in the field of sustainability.


Our vision is "Connecting Europe for a Sustainable Future". In that future the shipping industry is emission free, without impacting the air or the oceans we travel across. In a sustainable future, our industry is characterised by equality and diversity. It is free from harassment and everyone has equal opportunities to succeed. This is the future we work towards every day, but we still have a long way to go. It is not called a sustainable journey without reason.



Our focus areas
Our commitment to sustainability centres around five of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. For each focus area ambitious targets are defined.  In the areas of Gender Equality and Affordable and Clean Energy we aim to lead the transformation towards a more sustainable future within our industry.

Affordable and Clean Energy

As with the rest of society, the shipping industry needs new solutions to make the transition to clean energy and fossil free fuel. Stena Line has taken on this challenge by focusing on projects within clean energy technology and energy efficiency to reduce emissions both on shore and at sea. 


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Gender Equality

The maritime industry has been rather conservative, and male dominated, which we want to change. Stena Line welcomes everyone, whether you want to work with us, travel with us or become one of our business partners, because we believe diversity and equal opportunities for all build creativity and productivity.


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Good Health & Well-Being

As a caring ferry company, we put safety first and value the health and well-being of both our guests and employees. A safe and positive work environment, where we care for each other, is not only important for our employees but also key to providing a great customer experience.


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Responsible Consumption & Production

At Stena Line we want to give our customers sustainable choices, because together we have a common responsibility to care for resources. We reduce our material footprint through responsible purchasing, waste reduction and increased recycling.


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Life Below Water

Our oceans are facing numerous challenges, such as acidification, plastic waste and accumulation of harmful chemicals. As a ferry company, the oceans are our primary resource. This is why care for the marine environment is crucial to us, and our operations should have minimal impact on marine life.


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