Stena Spirit

Experience all that Stena Spirit has to offer during your trip from Poland to Sweden. With fantastic facilities you be fully entertained while onboard and arrive at in Sweden feeling relaxed and refreshed!

Why choose Stena Line?

Why travel with Stena Line from Gdynia to Karlskrona?
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  Day and night-time


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  A direct route from

  Poland to Sweden

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  Modern ferries

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  Excellent onboard


360 degree view
Take a look onboard

Explore some of the great facilities onboard the Stena Spirit and find out what to expect using our 360 image viewer. You'll be able to move around our cabins, restaurants and other areas. 

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Stena Spirit

Enjoy a relaxing and comfortable cruise onboard the Stena Spirit enroute from Gdynia to Karlskrona.

Ferry type Multi-purpose

Length 176 m

Year 1987 / 2011

Max cars 460

Max passengers 1.700