Travelling With Pets/Animals

How much will it cost to take my pet with me?


Pets travel for free on our routes between Ireland and Britain or France. Kennels can be pre-booked at no extra charge or if you prefer, your pet can remain in the vehicle for the duration of the crossing. You can pre-book a kennel on the "Stena Plus & Onboard Extras" step of the booking process. Small pets are permitted onboard if they are secured for the duration of the crossing in a pet traveller case (max. size: 80cm x 50cm x 50cm) but must be pre-booked prior to travelling as a limited number of carrier cases are allowed onboard each sailing. Passengers may be required to place the pet traveller case on the car deck in the dedicated kennel area if the animals are not secured in the case at all times during the crossing.


Please note: Bags are not permitted as carrier cases and you will be unable to bring your pet onboard if you don't have an appropriate pet carrier case with you where access to the case is via a secure door/zip/lock mechanism and your pet is totally enclosed. 


If you are travelling on the Belfast to Liverpool route it is recommended you book a dog lodge at a cost of £15 single per dog lodge. This option will also allow access to your pet throughout the crossing. Not only can you visit your dog but you can also exercise them under controlled conditions and free dog food is available.


On our Harwich-Hook of Holland route, pets travel for £16 each way. You can choose for your pet to travel in your car or in kennels that are available onboard the ship.