Europe by car

Are there any legal requirements for cars to drive around Europe?


Vehicles travelling in Europe are legally required to have certain breakdown and emergency equipment stored in the vehicle.


The list consists of:

  • National Driving Licence
  • Passport
  • Vehicle Registration Document (Log book or vehicle certificate)
  • Motor Vehicle Insurance
  • Warning Triangle
  • Reflectorised jacket/waist coat
  • Spare headlamp bulbs required
  • Headlamp adjustment or deflectors required
  • Seat belts required front and rear for all passengers
  • Minimum age for children in the front seat is 12 years
  • Letter of Authority: If yours is not the name on the logbook (i.e. Company car) bring a letter from your Company Secretary or the owner authorising you to drive the car
  • Carrying a First Aid kit, fire extinguisher and spare set of bulbs is wise but not compulsory in all countries