Can I travel if I am pregnant?

There are no restrictions for pregnant women to travel at any time during their pregnancy on our sailings with the exception of the Rosslare to Cherbourg and Harwich to Hook of Holland route (please see below). Passengers should, however, be aware that it is their responsibility to ensure that they are fit to travel.


Travel Insurance may be affected therefore any pregnant passengers travelling should contact their Insurance Company to clarify their cover.


In certain specific circumstances, we reserve the right to deny you access to our ferries or to require a medical certificate, regardless of the stage of your pregnancy.


For travel on the Rosslare - Cherbourg route, pregnant women up to 28 weeks can travel without restrictions. When 28-31 weeks pregnant a doctor's certificate is needed confirming you are fit to travel. From 32 weeks and over travel is not permitted on this route.


For travel on the Harwich - Hook of Holland route, pregnant women are only permitted to travel up to 36 weeks pregnant. If you are expecting more than one baby, you are are only permitted to travel up to 34 weeks of pregnancy. A GP should be consulted prior to travelling and Travel Insurance is recommended.