Sail safe

An even safer journey

For everyone’s safety and wellbeing, we’ve introduced new measures to the already ambitious safety standards onboard all our vessels and at our ports and terminals. We’re actively monitoring the development of the COVID-19 situation. By doing so, we can ensure routines are continuously updated and our safety standards exceed current regulations – so you can sail with confidence.

Before travelling
Before Travelling



  • Inform yourself about our safety measures regarding hygiene and social distancing – we are promoting and communicating them through all our communication channels.


  • Do not travel if you are sick and if you’re feeling unwell.


  • Follow your national health guidelines and travel restrictions.


  • Wash your hands frequently and respect social distancing.


At the terminal
At the terminal

Safe check-in


  • Our terminals feature increased opportunities for hand wash and disinfection and are also more frequently cleaned, especially “Hand Contact Point Hotspots”.


  • Card payment instead of cash is encouraged wherever possible.


  • You will find our sales points equipped with Plexi-Glass protection.


  • Our food service has been adjusted to ensure the maximum level of hygiene.

Boarding and disembarkation
Embarkation and disembarkation

Secure boarding and offboarding


  • When checking in, you will be asked to state your health condition. Passengers with any indication of suspected COVID-19 will be denied boarding.


  • Social distancing is encouraged by floor markings across our ferries and terminals, and reminders are being announced over the public address system.


  • You will be asked to show your Passenger Locator Form receipt of completion upon arrival into the port you are travelling to.

Onboard our ferries

Cleaning and hygiene
Cleaning and hygiene measures onboard

  • Increased opportunities for hand wash and disinfection in public areas.


  • On-board announcements, posters, and digital signage about hygiene guidelines onboard.


  • Increased frequency of cleaning and disinfection onboard, especially of “Hand Contact Points” such as door handles, access touchpads, telephones.


  • Our ventilation systems are running on 100% fresh air, no recirculation.

Shops, bars and restaurants
Shops, bars & restaurants onboard

  • Our food service has been adjusted to ensure the maximum level of hygiene. The buffet serving is currently stopped and we now only offer plate serving and packaged foods.


  • Card payment instead of cash is preferred wherever possible.


  • On some vessels we have increased self-service of beverages.

Safe social distancing
Safe social distancing

  • More space onboard! All ships have reduced their passenger capacity accordingly to allow for social distancing.


  • Single-use cabins for customers where possible unless travelling together.


  • Safer guest-crew interaction points onboard with Plexiglass screens for increased safety.


  • Certain areas such as saunas, kids playrooms, etc., have been closed.

Face mask requirement
Face coverings

In accordance with public health guidelines, it is mandatory to wear face coverings at our ports and onboard our ships where social distancing isn’t possible. This applies to all routes on the Irish Sea and North Sea, including our Rosslare to Cherbourg route as well as on routes to/from Denmark and from Rostock to Trelleborg .


The following people are exempt from wearing a mask: children under the age of 11 years, if you have a physical or mental illness or impairment, or a disability that means you cannot put on, wear or remove a face covering, anyone for whom wearing or removing a face covering would cause severe distress. People travelling with, or providing assistance to, someone who relies on lip reading to communicate.

Sail safe – what our guests say

We're committed to offering you a safe and sustainable journey – with lots of space, fresh air and open seas. See what our passengers have to say about our exceptional cleaning procedures, safety measures.

How to sail safe

At Stena Line, we have made many changes to make travelling safe at this time, but there are a few things we can all do to make your journey, and that of your fellow passengers, safe and enjoyable. Little things like wearing a face mask, maintaining social distancing, being patient, considerate and following instructions from crew members.


Please watch our film and see how a few simple actions will make the world of difference to your journey.

Customer Service Information

We have included the most up to date information in our frequently asked questions, but if you have any queries please don’t hesitate to contact us.


If you are in the UK call us on 03447 707 070 or email


If you are in the Republic of Ireland call us on 01 907 5555 or email