Code of Conduct

Zero tolerance approach to bad behaviour

Travel is to be enjoyed, it should be relaxing, safe and something we all look forward to. At Stena Line we strive to ensure that our guests enjoy a great travel experience and we are committed to providing a secure and safe environment for all of our guests regardless of their gender, sexuality, ethnicity or religious beliefs. We take great pride in maintaining clean and tidy ships, ports and terminals and we would appreciate your support in maintaining our high standards.


All our employees live by these principles and values, with respect and care for all our guests. They are on-hand to help. Please respect them and adhere to any instructions they may give.


Please respect our home like you would your own


Our ship is our crew's home from home. They live and work onboard the vessel and as such we request that all of our guests are respectful and mindful of this and treat their home as you would your own home. 


Taking a stand when we need to


Unruly guests can ruin everyone's journey. They can put a vessel, its passengers and crew in danger, as well as being a nuisance to all. We will always take a firm stand to safeguard our crew, fellow guests and the vessel from any bad behaviour.


Code of Conduct


All passengers must ensure their conduct is acceptable and refrain from unacceptable behaviour including, but not limited to:


  • Using intimidating, threatening or language or behaviour towards other guests or crew
  • Loud and boisterous behaviour or acting in a way that may cause danger or distress
  • Failing to keep children under the age of 15 years supervised and in the company of a responsible adult at all times
  • Using profane or offensive language, gestures, insults or similar behaviour
  • Placing feet on seats or seat backs or lying down on the seats
  • Being drunk and/or disorderly due to alcohol or drugs
  • Bringing alcohol on board the vessel for consumption during the crossing
  • Not wearing appropriate attire or removing your shoes, or putting feet on furniture
  • Any damage or interfering with the ships fixtures and fittings, emergency exits or alarms
  • Smoking in unauthorised areas
  • Throwing anything overboard (please use the bins provided)
  • Damage to any property or equipment, including cabin or suites, with no rubbish left on the floors or soiling of furniture/equipment


We request that all our facilities are treated with respect and left tidy for the next guests.


Zero tolerance to breaches of the Code of Conduct


Stena Line takes a zero tolerance approach to unruly behaviour from passengers. Anyone found to be breaking any of the rules above will be removed from the ship and banned from travelling with Stena Line on future crossings. If, while you are travelling with us, we believe that you have behaved in an intolerable manner, we will take any measures that we believe are reasonable to prevent you from continuing your behaviour, including:


  • A permanent ban from travelling with Stena Line
  • Denying boarding, or if already onboard, requiring you to leave the vessel prior to departure
  • Cancelling all further bookings, including any return journeys


We will notify the authorities for any criminal damage and/or offences committed whilst on Stena Line property.


Please help us make the journey an enjoyable experience for everyone and behave in a responsible and considerate manner.


Be Responsible. Be Respectful. Be Considerate. Let's make it a journey for all to enjoy.