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How to do a truly Danish road trip

Denmark is a country where sandy beaches meet quintessential Scandinavian culture, along with a history spanning an entire millennium harkening back to the Viking age until today, stunning views and the metropolitan wonderland of Copenhagen. Combining all of this means that you’ve got a country that makes it a perfect match for anyone looking for a new road trip adventure.


In this guide we’ll highlight some places that you shouldn’t miss on your road trip through Denmark. But as with all trips, it’s up to you where to go and what to do! Go off the beaten path and make this adventure entirely your own.


If you choose to disembark in Frederikshavn, we wouldn’t be doing our job if we didn’t mention Skagen. A stunning start on your road trip, here you’ll find sandy beaches and blue waters galore. Travel beyond the city of Skagen, with its quaint houses and restaurants, and travel inland to Råbjerg Mile. This curious Danish desert is a nature reserve where you can experience what could be described as the only desert in Scandinavia. 

Beach at Skagen, the top of Denmark. High quality photo

If your trip starts in Grenaa, you’re in luck! This city is the location of the Kategattcentret, an aquarium where you can watch or even dive with the sharks! Just to the north you’ll find Bønnerup Havn. Here you can watch the boats come in and out of the Kattegat and take a swim at the beaches directly to the west and east of the harbour.

Young girl in aquarium tunnel with sharks

Travelling south from Frederikshavn is the city of Aalborg, where you can have a real city escape. Take a trip to the Aalborg Zoo, the home of over 1500 animals from 126 species. If you fancy some history, the Viking Museum at Lindholm Hoje is where you’ll find over 700 Viking graves dating back 1400 years. Be sure to also check out the shopping centre of Aalborg Storcenter, where over 75 stores will satisfy your shopping needs.

Aalborg houses
Vadepark Nationalpark

To the southwest of Aalborg, near the German border, is the nature reserve of Vadepark. Denmark’s largest national park, it’s filled with stunning views and if you’re lucky you can see the 12 million migratory birds who arrive every year like clockwork. For the history buffs, it’s also where the Atlantic Wall is placed. Meant as a deterrent from an Allied invasion, it now serves as a stark reminder of the history of Europe.

Urlaubsreise nach Veljby Klit,Westjütland,Dänemark.
am Strand in Thyboron,mit Meer und Atlantikwall aus dem 2.WK

Leaving Vadepark and heading east, you’ll find the city of Odense. The third biggest city in Denmark, it’s filled to the brim with things to do for the whole family. Stand in front of the towers at Egeskov Castle, visit the birthplace of beloved Danish fairy-tale author Hans Christian Andersen, or just saunter down the street of this thousand year old city.

Tiger in Odense zoo in Denmark

The capital of Denmark is a must-see for anyone visiting this beautiful country. Here you’ll find a plethora of attractions, restaurants and shopping centres that rival any European metropolis. Start your day with a breakfast in one of the city’s many cafés or take a stroll down the streets and visit the Amalienborg or Rosenborg Castle. For lunch there’s no place like Nyhavn, a harbour sprawling with restaurants, cafés and probably the best view in all of Copenhagen. Visit the theme park Tivoli and take a stroll through the Botanical Gardens. Simply put, Copenhagen is truly the crown jewel of Denmark.

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Quick Facts

Distance Frederikshavn Skagen

Distance from Frederikshavn to Skagen

If you disembark in Frederikshavn, Skagen is but a short 40-minute drive away. Make sure to explore the area to your heart’s content, there’s something to see around every corner!

Distance Grenaa Bonnerup Port

Distance from Grenaa to Bonnerup Havn

Coming from Grenaa, the drive to Bonnerup Havn is a quick 30-minute drive away, making it perfect as a day-adventure before you set out on your road trip!

Danish Beaches

Denmark’s beaches

Being a country with a 7 314km long coastline, there should come as no surprise that the country is riddled with beaches. In fact, there’s over 1500 of them! Maybe you’ll find your new favourite beach? 

Danish Cuisine

Try some local cuisine 

Denmark’s big cities might have Michelin-starred restaurants and fine dining, but don’t be afraid to try the local foods as well! You’d be surprised often the local food scene can be made into superb dishes. 

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