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Cycling in Holland

With the highest point in Holland at just 1,060ft, it's the perfect destination for cyclists.

Cycling in Holland
What Holland has to offer on two wheels

From a two-day itinerary to a grand tour, Holland is miles ahead when it comes to cycling holidays. 

There are 26 Landelijke fietsroutes – LF-routes (long distance routes) that stretch throughout the country.   The manageable scale and relatively flat terrain of the Netherlands makes it perfectly suited for a cycling holiday so you can cover plenty of ground and tick off your must-see destinations.  Why not organise a trip for the whole family or an epic tour taking in a number of the LF-routes for a group of your cycle fanatic friends?

ANWB (The Royal Dutch Touring Club) produce a 1:300,000 map of the Netherlands showing all LF-routes, very useful when planning a tour.  This map also includes 58 marked Mountain Biking Trails if you want to get a bit more adventurous and cost only €4.95 at most good travel book shops.

If you would rather leave your bike at home, you can hire a bike at many railway stations. Rental companies or the tourist information office will also be able to suggest some good local paths. 

City Bike Tour Holland
Dutch Historic city route

If you have 5 days spare and are feeling a little adventurous, then maybe you'd like to ride the dutch historic city tour! 

Start and finish this beautiful cycle route in the capital, Amsterdam with it's tree lined canals, taking in the historic cities of Haarlem, Leiden, Dordrecht and Utrecht along the way.  

You'll need to average around 30 – 40 kilometres a day to complete the full loop. Accommodation can be pre-booked or arranged as you travel along the route.

Mountain Biking Holland
Try Something different

Have you ever thought about a mountain biking trip to Holland?


Holland may be fairly flat but, believe it or not, there are a number of areas where you will find some awesome mountain biking.


Some of the best tracks the country has to offer are in the Utrechtse Heuvelrug area starting near the town of Zeist in the Utrecht National Park.  


The 43 km MTB route on the Utrecht Ridge, around the inaccessible Leusder Heath Vlasakkers will certainly get the blood pumping.