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Travel to Cologne with Stena Line

Stena Line: helping you get to Cologne by ferry

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Explore Cologne's charming mix of old and new

One of the oldest towns in northern Germany, Cologne has occupied a pivotal role in German history since the Middle Ages. As a result, visitors to Cologne can explore a diversity of sights and landmarks, ranging from its UNESCO-protected Cathedral to the Museum Ludwig with its renowned collection of Pop Art.

Cologne's most famous landmark, Cologne Cathedral, has two 157-metres-high spires and took 632 years to complete. Today it is a UNESCO World Heritage site and attracts pilgrims and tourists from across the world.

Other historic areas in Cologne include the old town, where you'll find its renowned Gothic and Romanesque architecture.

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Travelling to Cologne

With Stena Line, you'll find it easier than ever before to explore Cologne. Take the ferry to Holland from Harwich and you'll be able to take the train to Cologne on arrival in the Hook of Holland.

Alternatively, opt for a European driving holiday and take your car with you on the ferry. Cologne is approximately a three hour drive south-east of Hook of Holland.

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Cologne isn't just about the old, the new plays a very important role as well!

Head to Schildergasse, the city's most famous shopping street, to browse in high street shops, or visit the ‘Belgian Quarter’ and the Neumarkt Passage arcade for a a range of high-quality shops with a range of designer and specialist products.

Annual events

There are plenty of annual festivities that take place in Cologne too.

In July the Cologne Lights set fire to the night sky, and every year in November Cologne erupts into carnival madness when the city is taken over by 'Jecken' (madmen). Cologne's winter is also enlivened by its world-famous Christmas market, where you can explore for gifts of arts and crafts, toys, Christmas decorations and traditional wares.