Sustainability at Stena Line

At Stena Line, our aim is to reduce our ecological footprint in the field of sustainability

Clean Energy

AIM: To Continuously strive to improve our energy consumption both on shore and at sea.

RESULT: SECA regulations have led to a reduction in the emission of sulfur dioxide from Stena Line's vessels since 2015, partly due to the installation of scrubbers to clean fuel on our North Sea route. In March 2015, Stena Germanica was converted to methanol.

Health and Wellness

AIM: To ensure that we are dedicated to the safety and well-being of our passengers and employees.

RESULT: More than 1,700 safety exercises were carried out in 2017. We introduced a new integrated safety management system, designed to achieve a safe working environment with regard to people, environment and our cargo.

Responsible Consumption

AIM: Responsible purchasing, reducing waste year on year and increased recycling.

RESULT: Stena Line's food waste project has led to a major reduction in food waste onboard. Waste is also separated and converted into bio-gas on some of our vessels.

Life Under Water

AIM: For our company to survive, we depend on the ocean, and as such, our activities must have a minimal impact on marine life.

RESULT: Stena Line vessels pump all polluted water ashore. On our North Sea routes, waste water is then cleaned by bacteriological processes.