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Jelly Beans

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Haribo Various flavours
Haribo Various flavours

425g/500g Packs

Our Price 2 for €6.90

Mentos Mix of Minis

Our Price €4.90/each

Skittles, Fruits Pouch, Sours Pouch.

400g Packs

Our Price €4.90/each

Chupa Chups, Cool Friends Back Pack
Chupa Chups Cool Friends Back Pack

192g Packs

Our Price €11.90

Cadbury Minis
Cadbury Dairy Milk Chunks Bags

200g Packs

Our Price 2 for €7.90

Gardiners Flower Fudge Tin
Gardiners Fudge Tin

120g Packs
Our Price 2 for €8.90

Droste, Assorted Selection
Droste Assorted Selection


Our Price 2 for €2.90

Toblerone, Various Flavours
Toblerone Various Flavours

360g Packs

Our Price €5.90/each

Quality Street, Pouch Bag
Quality Street Pouch Bag

550g Packs

Our Price 2 for €12

marties, Multipack. Kit Kat, Chunky Multi Pack
Smarties, Kit Kat Chunky Multipack

4 x 38g/40g
Our Price 2 for €4.90

Mars, Snickers, Twix Pouch Bites
Mars, Snickers, Twix Pouch Bites, M&M's

293g/440g Packs

Our Price €4.50/each

Butlers Assorted Chocolates

300g Packs

Our Price 2 for €14

Butlers Premium Ballotin


Our Price 2 for €12

Butlers Chocolate Bars

100g Packs

Our Price 2 for €4.90/each