Onboard Luggage Allowance

Before you travel, we advise that you read and fully understand our Luggage Allowance Rules and Regulations.

Luggage Allowance Onboard our Ferries to Holland
Onboard Luggage Allowances

Hand Luggage Allowance
It is permitted to carry one item of hand luggage per person (max. 12kg / dimensions 60cm x 50cm x 40cm) onboard our ferry. Also, it is possible to carry a 2 extra luggage items (max. weight 20kg). Please note, these items of luggage must be checked-in on our day sailings. If you've booked an overnight sailing with a cabin, then your luggage can to be placed in your cabin.

Stena Line is entitled to request a surcharge for extra baggage.

Transportation of Hazardous Goods or Luggage
In relation to our onboard safety policy, the following items may be carried under strict conditions or are not permitted onboard;

  • Hazardous substances/goods
  • Firearms and shooting weapons
  • Explosives and flammable substances
  • Chemical and toxic substances

Hazardous Substances/Goods
Hazardous and dangerous goods are not permitted onboard, except in special circumstances or with special conditions, details of which can be obtained on request from our Customer Service Team. There is a list of all hazardous substances / goods in the "International Maritime Code for Hazardous Substances" issued by the "Inter-Governmental Maritime Consultative Organization" (IMCO). Also, additional items may not be permitted onboard which fall under Stena Line's national legislation or regulations. Please contact our Customer Service Team on 03447 707 070 if you are unsure.

Explosives, Firearms and Drugs
Transportation of firearms for sporting purposes are permitted under limited and strict conditions. You must contact our Customer Service Team in advance of travel on 03447 707 070. Please note that the transportation of live ammunition, explosives and drugs onboard are strictly prohibited.

Sharp Objects
Transportation of knives and other sharp objects (such as pocket knife and nail files etc.) onboard are not permitted.