Belfast and beyond

While you wait, be in Belfast, virtually. Enjoy a private tour of the grand Belfast City Hall, see what the animals are up to when there are no pesky humans around at Belfast Zoo or have soloists from the Ulster Orchestra strike up a tune at the click of a mouse. Or how about virtually wandering through part 1 and 2 of the emotional Titanic exhibition? The final instalment will be available later this month.

Here are the top ten places in and around Belfast where whiskey is made, served and ‘spoken’. Boilermakers, Black and Bush and the Redbreast Whiskey Tasting Flight are yours to sample as you visit amazing pubs, bars and distilleries, listening to master craftsmen wax lyrical about the wonderous dram. See you at the Dirty Onion or McHugh’s when this is all over.

Got to get your GOT fix? Well while you wait to be all Jon Snow, firing arrows in Winterfell (Castle Ward) or moodily travel the King’s Road (the more GOTly named Dark Hedges), you can stare meaningfully at these Game Of Thrones attractions available online, including the Bayeaux-esque tapestry and stained glass windows, all telling the blood-soaked story.