Registering To Book

Customer profile, what is this?


If you wish you can register by creating your customer profile. This you can do either via "My Login" or in Step 3 of the booking process. You will then be a registered user and you will have access to your current bookings and also be able to make changes to your bookings. Another bonus is that if you call us to make a booking at the Call Centre, and you give us your email address at the same time, you can later review your booking online.


As a registered user you can choose to be automatically logged in from the computer you are using. This will speed up the booking process for you, as you will not have to login each time you wish to make a booking or check your previously made bookings. We use cookies to deliver this to you but you can cancel this automatic login at any time.


If you are a member of the Extra loyalty club, you will be able to check your account balance online and pay for your trip with your Extra points.


By becoming a registered user you can also opt-in to receive e-mails which feature all of our latest offers - by doing this you will also be entered into a draw to win €1000*!


*winner drawn randomly each quarter from all newly registered users across all Stena Line European locations.