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How do I book different passengers numbers or vehicles on the outward and return trips?

You can book a different number of passengers, different age categories of passengers or different vehicle types on the outward and return legs of your journey.

When you are selecting the number of each passenger category, just click on the 'Different passengers or vehicles out/return' or 'different party size out/return' text. This will open up a second passenger/vehicle selection option so you can select how many passengers and what vehicles will be travelling on outward and return trips.

You can access this step of the booking at any time by clicking on the 'Passengers and Vehicles' section in the 'Your Booking' summary when booking on a desktop or by clicking on the 'Passengers and Vehicles' section at the 'Add cabin/Add onboard extras' step on a mobile device.


Where is the 'Different party' text to click on?


On Desktop


On the very first page of the booking dialogue after choosing your routes, the number of passengers and the vehicle type you'll see the 'Different Passengers or Vehicles Out/Return' in blue underneath the vehicles section.Click on the text.


If you have gone as far as the section of selecting your sailing times, cabins or onboard extras, click on the 'Passengers and Vehicles' section of the 'Your Booking' summary at the top right of the page. This will take you back to a section to amend your passengers and vehicles. Towards the top of this page you will see the option to select 'Different party size out/return'.


On Mobile


After selecting your routes and sailing dates, you are taken to the 'Passengers and Vehicles' section. Scroll down underneath the 'vehicle' section and you'll see the 'Different party size out/return' text to click on.