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Need a hotel in Holland, Germany, France OR Belgium? Stena Line now offers a wide range of hotel breaks in Holland, Germany and beyond.

Book your ferry and accommodation together and enjoy savings of up to 20% off your sailing! Covering all major destinations, booking your next holiday with Stena Line has become even easier.
With over 2000 hotels to choose from, Stena Line offers you the possibility to book your ferry and accommodation at the same time.  Below you’ll find a selection of superb value hotels and accommodation in Holland and Germany we think you’d love.

Amsterdam Houses

View hotels & accommodation in Amsterdam

Rotterdam Architecture

View hotels & accommodation in Rotterdam


visit the hague
The Hague

View hotels & accommodation in The Hague

Utrecht castle

View hotels & accommodation in Utrecht

accommodation in maastricht

View hotels & accommodation in Maastricht

accommodation in delft

View hotels & accommodation in Delft

accommodation in hamburg

View hotels & accommodation in Hamburg

accommodation in cologne

View hotels & accommodation in Cologne