Requirements When travelling to Holland

Requirements when travelling to Holland

Travel requirement checklist Harwich - Hook of Holland
Proof of a negative rapid test Yes
Paper copy negative test declaration COVID-19 form No
Passenger Locator Form No
Quarantine Period in destination Yes

The digital certificate for travel

This certificate sometimes referred to as the 'vaccine passport' is being launched to allow passengers to undertake international travel in a safe manner. They are being issued by individual countries to their residents in order to provide an easy and convenient way for passengers to resume travel internationally. Please note that the Digital Covid certificate or ‘vaccine passports’ issued by individual countries will not replace any travel safety measures or restrictions, please check relevant guidelines when making travel plans. Click here for more detailed information from Stena Line.


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Last updated 21 December 2021


Passengers travelling to Holland

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a European entry ban is in effect for some people, barring them from travelling to the European Union or the Schengen area. You may only travel to the Netherlands if the purpose of your trip falls under one of the exemption categories or when you are fully vaccinated (proof is required).


The United Kingdom is currently listed as a "very high risk area" when travelling to the Netherlands. Read more on the website.


To enter the Netherlands, passengers must provide:

  • Proof of a negative privately taken (non-NHS) PCR test (not older then 48hrs before departure in UK) or
  • a negative antigen test (not older then 24hrs before departure in UK)


Find more details on the Dutch Government site.




A completed quarantine declaration (digital or paper). A quarantine is mandatory for travellers from the United Kingdom.
Click here for more details about the quarantine requirements.


If you cannot show the negative COVID-19 test result or the completed quarantine declaration, you will not be allowed to board.



Failure to comply with the above measures is a criminal offence and may result in a fine.


Read the latest information here