125 years of Vincent van Gogh

This year, as part of a series of international celebrations commemorating 125 years of Vincent van Gogh, a dedicated 335km bicycle route has been created to introduce visitors to the Brabant countryside that inspired the great artist.

The full Van Gogh Cycle Route links five shorter, day-long itineraries, each highlighting key heritage sights and periods of his life, meaning you can cover as much, or as little, of the route as you wish. 

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the van gogh tour

Why not start at the beginning, in Zundert, the pretty town where Van Gogh spent the first years of his life.

This 65km loop brings you from the house in which he was born, now the Vincent Van GoghHuis ( museum, through lush countryside to the historic city of Breda. The next phase of Van Gogh's life was at secondary school in Tilburg, where he was taught by the inspirational artist Constant Huijsmans. Start this 50km leg of your cycling adventure from that very school, now Vincent's Tekenlokaal museum ( - Dutch only).

The next segment, a 32km loop, takes you around Etten-Leur, where Van Gogh's father served as the local vicar and the budding young artist set up his first studio.

The Starry Night
Continuing in Van Gogh's footsteps

Continuing in Van Gogh's footsteps, a 56km itinerary starts in Nuenen, the pretty town in which he lived for two years and created a quarter of all his works, including his first masterpiece "The Potato Eaters".

Walking and pedalling through Nuenen and the surrounding countryside, you're bound to recognise some of the 22 places along this route that feature in his paintings, like the pretty watermills at Opwetten and Collen. 

Between these watermills lies the enchanting 1km-long Van Gogh-Roosegaarde cycle path: inspired by the famous "The Starry Night" painting, the path is illuminated at night by a mosaic of 50,000 solar-powered glowing stones, embedded in the ground to recreate Van Gogh's swirling night skies in a dazzling display. (

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Complete your Van Gogh adventure

Finally, complete your Van Gogh adventure with the 30km itinerary to the charming capital of Brabant’s Hertogenbosch.

Here you can admire a selection of Van Gogh's original works in the Noordbrabants Museum (www.