Enjoy the Tulpomania experience an visit Keukenhof in Holland

The Theme for Keukenhof this year is dutch design

dutch tulips
The fascinating story of Tulipmania

Tulpomania tells the fascinating story of ‘Tulipmania’ dating back to the Golden Age. 

Visit the historical centre of Haarlem, once the centre of the 17th century tulip trade, followed by a trip to the spring garden Keukenhof (approximately 30 minutes from Haarlem by car) and discover how the tulip has evolved from past to present day.

frans hals museum
Frans Hals Museum and Jopenkerk brewery

During the Keukenhof season, the Tulipmania of the Golden Age comes to life in Haarlem’s Frans Hals Museum. 


The halls are decorated with bouquets of flowers in specially made flower vases and antique tulip vases. In addition, the visitor gets to know more about the famous painters of the Golden Age, life in those times and the special meaning that flowers had back then. 


Next, you can visit the Jopenkerk brewery, also in Haarlem.  In memory of the Golden Age, Jopenbier has produced a refreshing beer (aptly christened 'Tulpomania’) using an old recipe found in 17th century archives. 

Keukenhof gardens and Vincent Van Gogh

Finally, to end your tulip-filled day, visit the spectacular annual display of millions of tulips and other beautiful flowers at Keukenhof.


Open from 23th March until 21st May 2017, this year's theme for the colourful 32-hectare gardens is "Dutch Design". Influenced by the country's world famous artists and designers such as Mondriaan and Rietveld will give this year's festival an interesting modern twist. These Dutch designers are appreciated for their designs in fashion, graphic design, architecture and furniture design and these ideas will be translated into mosaic and flower designs.


Keukenhof is unique in the world and guarantees the most beautiful photos.

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Make sure that you don’t miss Holland’s spectacular tulips.


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