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Visit Eindhoven

Travel to Eindhoven with Stena Line from Harwich to Hook of Holland

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Explore Eindhoven in Holland

Visit Eindhoven via Stena Line's ferry from Harwich to Hook of Holland to appreciate this unique city with its eclectic take on design and modern art.

Eindhoven is Holland’s fifth-largest city, located in the south of the country between the Peel and the Kempen, two areas of outstanding natural beauty. With plenty of green spaces both inside and outside the city, it's the perfect destination for lovers of the outdoors. Entirely rebuilt after World War II Eindhoven has developed into a world centre of fashion and technology. When you travel to Eindhoven, make sure you visit iconic buildings such as the Van Abbemuseum, Witte Dame (White Lady) and the Light Bulb Factory.

A bright future

Eindhoven is known for its spirit of innovation. The city is home to the Philips electrical company, and is the birthplace of the lightbulb.

You can visit many of the original Philips factories which have been turned into museums, and enjoy a wealth of cultural and design attractions that have sprung from the city’s heritage of innovation. A real must-see is the Artificial Light in Art Center, which celebrates artificial light in sculptures and paintings.

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Eating and drinking in Eindhoven

Visitors in Eindhoven will find that the city hosts a wealth of gastronomic delights. Whether you're looking for authentic Dutch cuisine or are seeking a more exotic taste.

Eindhoven's variety of wine bars or outdoor and indoor restaurants are sure to leave you in high spirits. So choose to travel to Eindhoven via Stena Line's ferry to Hook of Holland and experience something different.

Modern skylines, historical heritage

Wander through city streets full of inspiring modern architecture, built during the city’s recovery after World War II. The flying saucer-shaped Evoluon conference centre and the stark geometry of the Van Abbemuseum are some of the most famous constructions. There’s also a wealth of original buildings, including a preserved urban area at the Witte Dame, giving you a glimpse into the city’s colourful past.

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Outdoor pursuits

Eindhoven's luscious green surroundings mean that people exploring the city on holiday will be able to enjoy plenty of outdoor pursuits. Visit De Peel, one of Holland's most scenic areas, with its picturesque villages, forests and lakes. As well as exploring the many parks and gardens the city has to offer, you can head to the Genneper Parks sport and recreation park for walking and cycling, miniature golf, and an ecological farm to name a few. It also hosts De Tongelreep, Europe's largest swimming complex. Nature lovers will also enjoy a trip to the woods at Strijp.