Travelling with a caravan

Travel to holland with stena line

Travelling to Holland with a caravan is easy when you take a Stena Line's ferry from Harwich to Hook of Holland.

Stena Line's ferry crossings allow you to travel with a caravan from 6 metres to 12 metres in length, making travelling by Stena Line ferry with your caravan an economical option.

Caravanning in Holland

And if you've never been caravanning in Holland before, consult the handy caravanning tips in order to familiarise yourself with the best caravanning spots and find out what to do if your caravan breaks down on your travels.

Caravanning tips in Holland

If you're planning to go caravanning in Holland, make sure you follow our helpful tips for a successful caravanning motoring holiday in one of Europe's most caravan-friendly countries.

- Make sure you remember to drive on the right and overtake on the left when caravanning in Holland.

- Always be mindful of bicycles while on your motoring trip in Holland; as one of the world's most cycle-friendly countries, cyclists have right of way here.

- Make sure your UK driving license is valid and you have all the correct motoring documents necessary.

- Your GB sticker, or international registration letters, must be visible at all times when you're caravanning in Holland.

- Caravan parks and campsites can be found in a variety of locations throughout Holland. 

- Caravans from the UK or Ireland must fit their headlights with an anti-dazzle strip.

- If you're travelling with children under 3 while caravanning in Holland, you need to have a safety alarm adapted in the rear of your caravan.

- If your caravan breaks down during your caravanning holiday in Holland, it's possible to find motoring assistance from the ANWB, the Dutch equivalent of the AA.