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Drive to Germany

Explore Germany with Stena Line

Whether you're travelling to Germany for business or leisure, you're sure to appreciate the scenic drive through northern Europe's beautiful landscapes; you'll also find that the drive to Germany is more economical than flying.

Drive to Germany from the UK

Driving to Germany has never been easier thanks to Stena Line’s Harwich to Hook of Holland route. Whether you’re taking your car, caravan, motorbike or bicycle Germany is within driving distance from our Hook of Holland Port including cities like Cologne, Hamburg and Bremen.

As the most direct route to Holland from the UK and with the largest Superferries of their kind, your drive to Holland and beyond will be convenient, comfortable, and cost effective.

Drive to Bremen

Bremen, by contrast, has a reputation as Germany's centre of the high-tech industry. Drive to Bremen and you'll have the opportunity to visit its famous UNESCO world heritage town hall, as well as enjoy its impressive Renaissance architecture.

Drive to Hamburg

Choose to drive to Germany and you'll have convenient access to Hamburg.

As Germany's second largest and greenest city, Hamburg is one of Europe's most international locations; it is composed of magnificent promenades, atmospheric canals and grand merchant's houses.

Drive to Hannover

You can also drive to Hannover if you take Stena Line's ferry to Holland. Known as the Great Garden, Hannover is one of Germany's most beautiful cities and is home to the grotto, a major attraction designer by Niki de Saint Phalle; it is also recognised as the world's foremost trade fair venue.

Cologne and Lower Rhine

You can drive to Cologne from Hook of Holland in less than four hours. Visit Cologne's world famous Cathedral and revel in its bustling arts and culture scene. And if you drive to Germany's Lower Rhine region, you'll be impressed by the valley's stunning scenery and get to view more river-side castles than any other river in the world.

road tax
Low Emmision Zones in city centres

When you're driving to German city centres you'll need to obtain an “Emission Badge”; vehicles entering a Green Zone and not displaying a badge are likely to be fined €40. The German National Tourism office website is a useful resource for information about Low Emmision Zones.