Europe by car

What compulsory items are needed when driving in France?


The following items are compulsory to have in your car under French law:

  • Original registration documentation
  • Reflective jacket/waistcoat
  • Warning triangle
  • Headlamp adjustment kit*


It is also recommended that daytime headlights/passing lights are used when driving.


*The legal requirement is to not dazzle oncoming drivers rather than specifically adjust/convert the headlamp beam pattern. Without adjustment, the dipped beam will dazzle oncoming drivers and this could result in a fine. Headlamp beam converter kits are widely available but may not be suitable for all types of headlights. On some cars, it is inadvisable or impossible for anyone other than a qualified technician to change a headlamp bulb unit eg high intensity discharge (HID) headlamps and carrying spares is not an option. However, it is recommended that spare bulbs are carried for any lights that may be easily and/or safely replaced but the owner/driver.