Coronavirus Advice

What is essential travel?


During times of national lockdowns travel can be restricted to what is termed essential travel. It means that people should not be travelling for leisure purposes and should only be travelling for essential reasons, such as: for work, for a funeral or medical purposes. Restrictions on whether essential travel restrictions are being enforced can vary between countries, therefore, we advise our customers to always refer to government guidance and adhere to national regulations for both the country of departure and the arrival destination.

For more information on the definitions of essential travel visit either the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office, Ireland's Department of Foreign Affairs or the Government of the Netherlands.

Enforcing rules on 'essential travel' is not the responsibility of Stena Line employees but rather the various police forces and border agencies across the UK, Ireland and Holland. Government officials are operating at ports across the UK, Ireland and Holland who have the authority to stop, question and, if necessary, refuse entry to those travellers not adhering to travel restrictions.

Links to information regarding other countries can be found on