Coronavirus Advice

If I travel to the UK by ferry do I need to self-quarantine?


If entering the UK from a country that is not approved by local government, you may need to self-isolate for 10 days. Please check the most up to date travel advice before planning your travel. There is a list of approved countries listed on the UK government website.


Please see our Travel Restrictions page for more information.  


Useful links:

  • People entering the UK are encouraged to download the NHS Covid-19 app at the border and use it for the duration of their stay in the UK

  • Everyone travelling is required to complete a Public Health Passenger Locator Form so that they can be contacted if they, or someone they may have been in contact with, develops or displays symptoms of the COVID-19

  • Some occupations such as freight truck drivers are exempt UK border rules; a full list can be found here: Exemptions to UK border rules