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eXtra Terms & Conditions

1. Membership is open to individual residents of the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland who are 18 years or over.
2. It is a condition of membership of the eXtra scheme that members provide Stena Line with a current valid email address because communication is by email and online only.
3. The eXtra scheme is not open to employees of Stena Line or associated companies.
4. Applications to join eXtra will be accepted only from individuals and not from companies or other organisations.
5. Enrolment must be in the applicant’s full legal name.
6. Upon enrolment, the member will be issued with an eXtra Blue card, an account and membership number. Members may request that eXtra points for journeys made up to 28 days prior to their enrolment in the scheme to be added to their account by contacting the eXtra Member Services Team. The addition of such points shall be at the sole discretion of the company.
7. By signing his/her card, and/or quoting his/her membership number to any Partner or employee or agent of Stena Line, the member confirms that he/she has read and understood the Terms and Conditions, and he/she agrees to them and is eligible for membership.
8. Stena Line eXtra cards remain the property of Stena Line.
9. Stena Line reserves the right to decline to issue or withdraw the scheme at any time, or to terminate or change the eXtra facility without notice.
10. By becoming a member of eXtra, the member consents to Stena Line creating, maintaining and updating in electronic form data that is personal to the member. Such data will include name, address, crossings made and eXtra points accumulated. Data will be updated and maintained for the purpose of providing relevant information and services to the member.
11. Stena Line does not warrant or guarantee that any benefits, facilities or arrangements, expressed or advertised as available to eXtra members by Partners, will be available, though Stena Line will use its reasonable endeavours to ensure that they are.
12. Stena Line will not be liable for any loss or damage caused by the provision or non-provision of benefits, facilities or arrangements expressed or advertised as available to eXtra members by Stena Line or Partners.
13. Membership of the eXtra scheme is not available to members of the Stena Line Business Traveller scheme.
14. The standard conditions of Stena Line apply to all bookings and travel. All bookings are subject to the Terms and Conditions applicable to the Stena Line product purchased. Promoter: Stena Line Limited, 4 First Floor, Pluto House, Station Road, Ashford, Kent, TN23 1PP, England.

Collecting eXtra points

1. eXtra points are collected at the rate of 1 point for every £1 spent on eligible ‘port to port’ fares and on Rail & Sail to Holland fares, booked direct with Stena Line or at a travel agent. Points will be credited on completion of travel and are valid for 730 days after they are earned providing you have a valid membership. eXtra points cannot be earned on any amount paid in eXtra points. Members may only collect points on journeys on which they have personally travelled as lead passenger. The fare types eligible for the collection of points will be determined by Stena Line and may vary from country to country and/or route. Members may obtain details of current eligible fares from eXtra Member Services Team.
2. The term ‘port to port’ refers to ferry–only travel i.e. where no other element has been included in the price, such as Landbridge, hotels, cottages, self–catering, over–nighters or any fares with connecting transport included. In addition, eXtra points may not be collected on group/coach, freight, contract rate bookings, Rail and Sail Britain/Ireland.
3. No cabin or other facility purchased after embarkation will be eligible for eXtra points.
4. Expenditure on qualifying Stena Line tickets by a member made within 28 days prior to the receipt of the Member’s application, will be credited to the Member’s account provided that the Member submits the relevant booking reference.
5. UK members who have reached 1000 points within a year from join date or any subsequent year thereafter will be awarded eXtra Gold Card status and will be eligible for additional benefits associated with this status. These benefits may vary by route and / or vessel as determined from time to time. Gold card status is reviewed and may be rescinded at the end of the current membership period.

Redeeming eXtra points

1. eXtra points may not be exchanged for cash.
2. eXtra points are redeemed at the rate of 10 pence each for Blue Card holders and 15 pence for Gold Card holders.
3. eXtra points may be redeemed online or by contacting the dedicated eXtra Member Services Team.
4. eXtra points may be redeemed up to 2 years after they were earned, providing the membership remains valid. Once points expire they are no longer available for redemption.
5. eXtra points may be used only by the Member and are not transferable. The Member will be required to show valid identification when exchanging points.
6. eXtra points may be redeemed in the member's base currency only.
7. eXtra points can be used as full or part payment against selected ‘port to port’ fares on all Irish Sea routes, North Sea routes and Rosslare – Cherbourg route and also Rail and Sail to Holland fares only, subject to availability. The fare types for redemption of eXtra points will be determined by Stena Line in its absolute discretion and may vary from country to country and/or route. Members may obtain details of current eligible fare types from the eXtra Member Services Team.
8. eXtra points are only valid for full or part payment of Stena Line qualifying bookings for travel commenced during the member’s current membership period.
9. eXtra points cannot be redeemed on all group/coach, freight, contract rate bookings, Rail & Sail Britain/Ireland, Landbridge, fares with entrance fees or coach tours included or any connecting transport, over-nighters, hotels, cottages, self–catering and Stena Line Holidays.
10. Members may redeem points only when they are travelling.

Theft or Misuse of the Card

1. Stena Line cannot accept responsibility for eXtra cards which are lost or stolen or for any use of the card by an unauthorised person. Members may apply for a replacement eXtra card in the event of their card being lost or stolen. Stena Line, cannot guarantee to replace eXtra points which have been used due to lost or stolen cards. The use of a personal password is strongly recommended.
2.The identity of the individual wishing to have eXtra points credited to an account, or wishing to take advantage of eXtra points offers onboard must be the same as that on the card. Proof of identity may be required. Members must sign their name on the reverse of their membership card. Intentional misuse by a member will result in immediate termination of the member’s eXtra membership and subsequent loss of all accumulated benefits.


1. ‘Member means a member of eXtra.
2. ‘Card’ means the eXtra card.
3. ‘Account’ means the account to which the Member’s eXtra points are credited and debited.
4. ‘Account address’ means the address used for all correspondence concerning the account.
5. ‘Partners’ means any organisation which provides services to members by reason of their membership and does not imply the existence of a partnership in legal terms.
6. ‘Stena Line’ is a trading name of Stena Line Limited (registered in England, No. 1402237). Registered Office: 4 First Floor, Pluto House, Station Road, Ashford, Kent, TN23 1PP, England.
7. ‘United Kingdom’ means England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and is regarded as a single country for membership purposes.