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Questions and Answers
Your Membership

Q: For how long is my eXtra membership valid?
A: If you are an eXtra Blue member your membership will not expire unless you decide to leave the scheme. As an eXtra Gold member your membership is valid for 12 months and will continue if you earn 1000 points or more in your membership period.

Q: How do I become an eXtra Gold member?
A: When you have earned 1000 points or more within a year you will be upgraded to our exclusive eXtra Gold membership.

Making bookings and earning points

Q: How do I earn points when making a booking?
A: You simply log into your account and book your trip or quote your account number when booking by telephone.
(Please note you can only earn points on a booking when you personally travel as the lead passenger).

Q: When will my points be credited to my eXtra account?
A: Your points are allocated to your account after each single leg of your journey is completed.

Q: I am a Gold member, how do I reserve my complimentary place in the Stena Plus lounge?
A: Reserve a place for you and a guest at the time of booking. Subject to availability.

Q: I am a Gold member, how do I reserve my reduced price Superfast Suite on the Cairnryan to Belfast route?
A: Reserve a suite at the time of booking. Subject to availability. Please note it will not be possible to have entry to the Stena Plus lounge if you book a suite.

Q: Where can I find how many points I have in my account?
A: By logging into your eXtra account or by contacting the eXtra Member Services Team.

Q: I have a sterling eXtra account, can I pay for my crossing in euros?
A: You can only pay in the currency your eXtra account is set up in, it is not possible to transfer values or earn points between sterling and euro accounts.

Q: Can I earn points onboard?
A: Points may be earned onboard the Harwich to the Hook of Holland route in the onboard restaurants, bars and on purchases made in the Stena Shop only.

Making bookings and spending points

Q: How do I redeem my points when making a booking?
A: You can redeem your points at the payment stage of the online booking process or by telephone with the eXtra Member Services Team.

Q:What do I do if there are points missing from my account?
A: If your travel does not appear on your online statement please contact the eXtra Member Services Team.

Q: Is there a time limit in which I must redeem my points?
A: Your points are valid for 2 years after they are earned. If you do not redeem your points within 2 years they will expire. Once points expire they are no longer available for redemption.

Q: On which fares can I earn points?
A: You can earn points on eligible port to port motorist/foot passenger fares and any Dutchflyer fares.

Contact your dedicated eXtra Member Services or,
Telephone: 08448 758 759
Lines are open Mon–Fri 0830am – 7pm and Sat 9am – 6pm