Travel with your pet to Holland

Bring your pet abroad with Stena Line

Travel with your dog
Bring your Pet abroad with Stena Line

Don't leave one of your family members at home! You and the whole family, including your pet can travel with Stena Line to Holland and the continent. You can choose for your pet to travel in your car or in kennels that are available onboard the ship.

Onboard Kennel

There are a limited number of places available in the onboard kennel that must be booked in advance of travel online or by calling the Stena Line call centre on 0844 770 7070. Pets can travel inside your vehicle however; we recommend that dogs should be placed in the kennel. 


Our onboards kennels are available in three sizes:


  • Large kennels: 97cm x 94cm x 100cm (H x W x D)
  • Medium Kennels: 64cm x 108cm x 100cm (H x W x D)
  • Small kennels: 65cm x 50cm x 100cm (H x W x D)


Please note, our kennel areas are located below the car decks and are accessed via stairs .  If you have large pets that weigh more than 25 kg, please be aware that you will need to walk your animal down a flight of stairs and over high doorstop to access the kennels.  Also, your pet may need to be lifted up into the small and medium kennels which are not on floor level.

In Vehicle

If you would prefer that your pet travels inside your vehicle, you must ensure that the following points are adhered to at all times:


  • Your pet remains inside your vehicle at all times during the crossing.


  • The ventilation inside your vehicle is good and the pet's welfare is well catered for.

Make sure your pet has a valid passport

To allow your pet to return to the UK with Stena Line, they must have a valid Pet Passport. This involves your pet being fitted with a microchip, vaccinated and blood-tested against rabies. This will take some time, so be sure to plan well ahead.


It is important that you check the EU regulations to the Pet Travel Scheme by visiting or by calling 0870 241 1710. Please note that if you travel abroad with your pet without meeting the regulations of the Pet Travel Scheme, your pet may be placed into quarantine on its return to the UK for up to 6 months.


Guide Dogs

Guide dogs are permitted to accompany their owners onto the passenger decks, and are also allowed into their cabin during the crossing.

Please contact Stena Line a few days before you travel on 0844 770 7070 so that we can advise staff on board the ship.