Motorbike to Holland

Motorbiking in Holland is a rewarding experience

Holland is renowned as a haven for cyclists, but a hidden gem when it comes to motorbiking. Flat roads provide optimal conditions in which motorbiking enthusiasts can drive; moreover motorbiking in Holland is an excellent way to see the sights of this beautiful country.


If you love a thrilling drive, then Germany is perfect for you.

The German border is less than a three hour ride from Hook of Holland. In Germany, you'll experience never-ending roads, deserted highways and some of the most exciting roads to test your motorbiking skills.

securing your motorbike 5
Securing your Motorbike

Watch British Superbike Champion Tommy Hill as he shows you how to secure your bike onboard our Superferries to Holland, an easy step by step guide.

Motor events in Holland
Motor Events in Europe

Travel to Holland and Germany to experience some of the most exciting motor events this year.